Winter Team League 2018 – 23-8-18

Two weeks ago the Club Winter Team League started. This year it is made up of three teams and will run for a total of ten weeks with the best eight weekly scores deciding the overall winning team. This year we have introduced a new element to the team makeup. If you are part of the winning team you must have participated in a minimum of seven shoots to be eligible to collect a prize. This is in the interest of fairness for other team members. 

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Summer League Final 2018 – 26-7-18

Last Thursday was the final round of our 2018 Summer League. We were really blessed with the weather this year. I don’t think we had one bad evening. Well done to all who took part this year and made the effort to turn up for the shoots. Congratulations to all our Class winners:

High Gun – Connor Duggan
Class A – Darren McCooey
Class B – Simon Lucas
Class C – Mickey McMahon

The committee would like to thank all those that helped to run the competition, to all those who turned up early to set up and make changes to the course and to all those who stayed to the end and helps to tidy up the course. Without these few individuals, we would not be able to run the club.

This Thursday evening 2nd August the club will hold its annual BBQ. The BBQ is open to all those who took part in our Summer League. Before the BBQ we will hold a shoot which will start at 6pm.

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Summer League 2018 – 19-5-18

Here we are again at the start of another Summer League. We are already two rounds in and it is easy to see to all participants that this year we intend to run with more challenging targets. This is due to the increasing difficulty of targets we have seen at other grounds during the Leinster League.

This year the competition will run over twelve weeks with your best nine scores being counted towards your final scores. There will be three classes – A,B & C and we will be applying handicaps. Best of luck to all taking part.

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